Ethio-fin sports club today revealed a new logo

Ethio-fin sports club today revealed a new logo. First of all the changes concern the shape, decidedly more modern and outstanding.

Old Ethio-Fin logo

New Ethio-Fin logo

The Development of the new logo followed extensive engagement with players, club officials, and coaches among others. The core goal of the process was to redefine and reinvent what the Club stands for and what it looks and behaves like.

The new logo is designed by Sisay Kelka. He is also the designer of the old logo 15 years ago.

” The previous logo lacks modern look. After 15 years, I feel it is unprofessional logo and that is why I took the initative to design new logo.” said Sisay.

Ethio-Fin sports club marks 18 years since it is founded and the new logo marks the start of a new era for the club and reflects the commitment to being a modern, best-in-its-category club.

The new logo is set to make its debut on Ethio-Fin 2023 jerseys and bibs, which are reportedly made by the new supplier Dopoo.

The new identity is expected to be embraced by fans, players, and everyone in Ethio-Fin Sport ClubA

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