Welcome To Our Club

Ethio-Fin Sport Club (EFSC) is a amateur sport club founded in 2005, to create good friendship, practice in any kind of sport, to organize cultural events and mostly to develop closeness among Ethiopian community living in Finland. The goals of the club are to encourage those Ethiopians to spend together in sport sprit, share ideas and experiences between them.

The club has about 60 members. Mostly the club organized in door football training sessions during winter and outside in summer. Basketball is also one of the club favorite sports and a lot of active members are participating in it.

The club is the first Ethiopian sport club in Finland. It is registered and known by National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland. EFCS is also a member of Finnish Multicultural Sport Federation in Finland (FIMU) since 2005.

One of EFSC's main goal is to encourage the next generation Ethio-Fin children by organizing different sport events and cultural festivals. Its aim is to refresh children knowledge of culture and keep language of their mother tong.

We warmily welcome you, your family and friends, and kindly ask you to spread the word. Please don't hesitate to contact us via Facebook or email.

Best Wishes,

EFSC President.


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